Located on the south side of the Pamlico River, Chocowinity is a small community with a rich heritage of history, agriculture, and industry. Fishermen visiting Chocowinity can look forward to shad, perch, red breast, black fish, pike pickerel, jack, rock, bass, trout, and sturgeon.

Like other most Beaufort County towns, Chocowinity finds itself close to the Pamlico River, which may help explain how the town got its name. Think Chocowinity is bit of an unusual name when compared to names of other towns like Aurora, Belhaven and Bath? Well, apparently a Native American named Chocowinity, which is derived from the Indian word "chocawanteth, which apparently, means "fish from many waters." It may also mean "otter" or "little otters." Historians say the area was once populated by Tuscarora Indians. At one point, the area was known as Godley's Crossroads. Before the Revolutionary War, it was named Chocowinity. After the Civil War, an effort to rename the town Belvue failed. The town became a hub of the Norfolk Southern Railway in 1910. The railway began calling the area "Marsden" in 1917, apparently because it was easier to spell on the telegraph than Chocowinity. Marsden was apparently taken from Marsden J. Perry a financial backer who became president of the railroad. Chocowinity was incorporated as a town in 1959. Chocowinity's recent growth may be attributed, for the most part, to the emergence of nearby Cypress Landing as a residential area on Chocowinity Bay. With more than 700 home sites, Cypress Landing continues to attract many retirees with its world-class golf course, marina and community center. There are plans for an industrial park south of the town.


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