Service Providers
In my business, we are fortunate to meet a LOT of really great people. Below, is listed some helpful phone numbers from people and places that might be useful to you during and after your home purchase. Please be sure to gather references or to check other places for quotes. While we don’t choose a service provider for you, we are happy to help provide information so that you can make good decisions! This is not a complete list, just some people we have done business with in the past.
If you can think of someone or something that should be added to this list, please let me know. We are always looking for awesome service providers.
Allen Hahn Law Firm 252-756-6970
Capital to Coast Law Group 252-296-1200
Gregory James Law Firm 252-752-2400
Horne & Horne Law Firm 252-758-4333
Jones Law Firm 252-848-4421
Richard Griffin Law Firm 252-355-4619
Chris Collier                          252-531-0373
Bruce Burchard 252-531-4959
Bryan Christian 252-378-5109
Chris Edmundson  252-333-0777
David Haines 252-671-3661
Donnie’s Home Repair 252-830-1715
Francisco Cazarin 252-561-6280
Hancock Home Solutions 252-289-6240
Justice Home Improvements 252-439-0001
Keith Wade 910-803-0659
Kinsey Russell 252-902-4657
Mark Barton 252-714-0317
R2 Home Improvements 252-320-6599
Steve Allen 252-531-9106
Rodney Evans                          252-945-5795 


Billy Grizzard                         252-717-7325
Jeff Sawyer 252-531-0519
Glen Anderson                        910-237-5411
Jesse Brady 252-341-1526
Home Cleaning
Aleta Wyont                             252-367-1245
Bessie Wilkes 252-367-8191
Coastal Carpet Cleaning 252-946-0692
Cleaning Maid EZ 919-999-9077
Livin Made Simple 252-320-9216
Home Inspectors
Bill Fell   252-341-8373
Chris Mathews 252-229-7221
Dependable Home Inspection  252-355-5480
Diamond Home Inspecitons 252-474-4212
James Beamon 252-291-5687
Jeff Mathis 252-714-1809
Home Services
Coastal Shutters & Blinds        252-531-9887
Comfort Master’s 252-752-1779    
Delcor 252-321-8868
Dudley Heating & Air 252-229-3032
Eddie White 252-917-3070
Richard Carraway 252-320-1706
Top Quality Heating/Air/Plumbing  252-341-0172
Farm Bureau – Jake Allen 252-456-3165
State Farm – Cory Kennedy     252-752-6680
State Farm– Polly Piland 252-756-8886
Pete Kruse 252-375-1168
Scotty Coward                          252-341-0427
Mortgage Lenders
Alvoca - Michael Farmer 252-531-8842      
Atlantic Bay – Grant Baker 252-341-4842
BBT - Clay Brown 252-286-8111
Caliber – Jessica Rosenberg 907-957-7653
Guaranteed Rate - Rick Mikel 630-309-5455
Movement Bank- Cory Scott 252-378-5252
Movement Mortgage - Henry Paderick 252-521-1409
Wells Fargo – Jennifer Jones 252-215-3104
Moving & Storage
AA Self Storage                         252-756-6655
Buddy Preece                            252-402-1892
Delcor                                       252-321-8868
Rich Goddard 252-714-1446
Baker Roofing 919-628-6557
Jeff Walker                                252-531-9691
Norm Saddler 252-945-2973
Septic Systems
Cannon Septic 252-524-4282
Jim Liquid Waste Hauling        252-830-1016
Toms Septic Repair’s 252-521-0977
Ben Purvis 252-341-5588
Carl Parker                                252-355-3055
Gary Miller 252-756-7878
Mike Baldwin 252-756-1390
Termite & Moisture
Quality Pest & Termite Control  252-756-1602 
Pest Tech of Greenville 252-353-4760
Chris Mathews 252-229-7221

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